About Us

Hello – my name is Michelle, I have been a Veterinary Receptionist for 11 years and  have kept pets all of my life, my love for all animals paramount.  I have kept rabbits and guinea pigs for the past 12 years, whilst working part-time it has been a dream to open my own small animal boarding services, therefore Bunny Retreat is an opportunity to care  for your pets and treat them as my own during their stay, whilst you enjoy your holiday.

We currently have 5 rabbits of our own, Miley who is a New Zealand White who is 5 years old and lives with George who is a black lop and is around 3 or 4 years old. 

Our 3rd rabbit is Fifi she is a rabbit we are fostering for the RSPCA, she has to live alone as she does not get along with any other bunnies, but she is great with humans.

We have recently adopted 2 beautiful lops Pip & Biscuit who are around 18 months old, they are extremely friendly and love cuddles.

We currently have 4 guinea pigs called Gary and Brian who are brothers and are 3 years and Boo & Roger who are around a year old, very friendly who love cuddles.  

Our other pets are Trevor who is a 6 year old Doberman who is full of life, loves his family and chasing balls. Dotty who is a 2 year old Crossbreed who loves everybody and everything about life, such a sweet natured dog. Both dogs are used to our small furries and do not take much notice of them, your pets safety is most important to us.  I work for Milton Keynes Veterinary Group so animals really are my life!

Rainbow Bridge

Sarah RSPCA bunny 2012

Billy – such a sweet bunny 2013

Scooby hamster 2013

Lilly greyhound a beautiful girl missed so much 2013

Dec piggie – May 2015

Ant piggie – August 2015

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